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Key Accounts International Claus Ezinger
Experience and competence, acquired through over 3000 consultations in the last 25 years, have allowed me to provide my clients with a pool of knowledge, characterised by a deep understanding of the necessary connections for managing a successful company. My focus on the agendas of supervisory board and foundation chairmen bases on my specific understanding of the function they have as coach and tutor to the management of a business; creating the balance of proximity and distance, generating successful teamwork. Excellence in leadership has been at the center of my work for many years. As a member of the KPMG Audit Committee Institute (ACI), I have the opportunity to exchange all relevant issues concerning supervisory boards and foundations with colleagues from around the world.
My career has spanned internationally having lived and worked in Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Hawai'i, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Specifically my time in Singapore developed my expertise in transcultural coaching. I willingly share these experiences with successful enterprises.

I look forward to working with you.

Claus Ezinger

Press releases 2011 - Zertifizierte Aufsichtsräte

Key Accounts International Claus Ezinger
In May 2011 there where only two trained and qualified Supervisory Board Members or Foundation Chairmen in the province of Salzburg. One of whom was Claus Ezinger.

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